Envirochem Patnas Limited

About Us

Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability Consultants

Our History

Envirochem Patnas Limited was established in July 2003. As an environmental health and safety management company, EPL Services is a multidisciplinary environmental and social management consortium, providing specialist support to suit clients' requirements.

Our Mission

To provide professional, practical, cost-effective, detailed, and comprehensive consultancy on all Environmental Management Services, Advice, and Environmental sustainability solutions.

Our Capability

Envirochem Patnas Limited has the financial strength, research teams, foreign technical partners, innovative technologies, and corporate resources to provide consulting services and solutions to any environmental problem

Our Commitment

We emphasize mutual relationships with our clients and other stakeholders based on project executions that meet the client’s specifications/needs and are in compliance with required regulatory standards.

Our Approach

We understand the essential value of implementing Quality Systems as the foundation for completing all of our client's projects. We carry out environmental evaluations to satisfy the project planning, permitting, and management needs of our clients.

Accredited by

We walk you through our process

Our process is inclusive. We offer a collaborative walk-through process, getting our clients involved in the entire journey

We Follow Best Practices

Our standards are ISO and SON based.