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Envirochem Patnas Limited (EPL) provides total environmental consultancy services for; oil & gas, power Industries, food Industries, mining, commerce, governments, and funding agencies (banks, Insurance companies.

Environmental consultant

Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

Environmental impact assessment is a special mechanism geared at ensuring that projects to be embarked upon are…

Sustainability and Environmental consultant

Management System

We develop and help implement Environmental Management Systems (EMS) by international standards for…

Environmental consultant

Environmental Baseline Monitoring, and Analysis

With our experienced team of field ecologists, we can help you carry out environmental baseline surveys…

Environmental consultant

Environmental Audit
and Due Diligence

We carry out an objective evaluation of how well facilities, organizations, management, and equipment are…

Environmental consultant

We provide our client with the technical and administrative arrangement for wastes (solid or liquid) management…

Sustainability and Environmental Environmental consultant

Environmental Information
and Training

We carry out environmental studies of projects to provide environmental information or data to our clients…

envchem patnas Radiation-Protection-Advisory-Services

Radiation Protection Advisory Services

We provide radiation protection advisory services under statutory legislation to all sectors of industry including…

Environmental oil cleaning

Oil Spill Cleaning and Preparation of Oil Spill Contingency Plan

We have the experience, staff, and tools to handle and clean any type of oil spill…

Environmental Audit

Environmental Outsourcing

We provide environmental outsourcing services to industries and organizations that have chosen not to dedicate…

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

We offer a range of traffic management services. Our team consists of qualified and experienced professionals in the area…

Mobile Fuel Tank-Water Separation Services

Mobile Fuel Tank-Water Separation Services

We provide Fuel-Water separation services best solution for achieving a high degree of solid contaminants…



We apply both the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) frameworks which involve… 

Green House Gas

Greenhouse Gas Emission Studies

As environmental consultants, we are aimed at understanding climate change and human impact on the environment…

Carbon footprint


A carbon footprint measures the total amount of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), that are emitted directly or…

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