Envirochem Patnas Limited

Environmental oil cleaning

Oil Spill Cleaning and Preparation of Oil Spill Contingency Plan

We have the experience, staff and tool to handle and clean any type of oil spill in the oil and gas industry. Also we provide services in the environmental aspect of oil spill response and contingency planning. We prepare Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP) for oil tank farms and oil pipeline installations.

In preparing an OSCP, we incorporate the following:

  • The identification of activities that might give rise to the spillage of oil, condensate or fuel while using oil installation.
  • The provision of an assessment of the risk of spills
  • The identification of the capability of the operator to deal with spillage.

Each plan we prepare clearly outline the initial procedures to be followed upon discovery of oil spill as well as how the response to the spill should be managed both onshore and offshore.

Procedures for estimating spill size and movement for sampling spills and for spill reporting are also covered within the oil spill contingency.