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Radiation Protection Advisory Services

Envirochem Patnas Limited provides radiation protection advisory services under statutory legislation to all sectors of industry including steel-making paper and textile, canning plants, Process plants, civil construction, electrical component manufacture, pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics, and research institutes.

Assistance is given with all technical and administrative arrangements for radiological protection including advice on monitoring and protection protocol, undertaking radiological assessment of public dose, and interpretation of intermediate and high-level radiation sources. We have particular expertise in mining and industrial applications, waste management, health physics, Naturally Occurring Radiation Materials (NORM), and the creation of radiation protection programs.

We arrange annual agreements with industrial companies to act as Radiation Protective Advisers (RPA). Our RPA services are available on a consultative basis and are tailored to the client’s needs and include the use of qualified and experienced health physicists and technicians in radioactive monitoring.

The audience is available on all technical aspects of maintaining routine radiation and contamination monitoring programs including:

  • Background gamma radiation monitoring; using a portable survey meter and thermo-luminescent dosimeter.
  • Sampling protocols for radiological surveys of marine and terrestrial materials.
  • Analysis of samples by either rapid screening techniques or full radiochemical analysis.
  • Interpretation of result, risk assessment
  • Comparison with national and international standards.